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23 February 2010

How safe?

I'd be happy with just small simple questions asked in a spirit of enquiry by the 300 million (?)- I think it is the number, not sure though- educated, middle class in India.

How safe are our roads?

How safe are our railways?

How safe are our malls?

How safe are our buildings? Homes, schools,offices.

How safe is our air?

How safe is our food? Vegetables, fruits, milk.

How safe is my child?

How safe is my neighbour

How safe am I?

Really. Before asking other weighty questions like foreign policy, poverty, political process, spirituality etc. Or mundane ones like clothes, TV serials, jewellery, fashion,religious rituals, etc.

But in real life. On the web. Or on TV news channel discussions. I never see any one asking these questions.

Update-One more:

How safe is my money?

Can't believe I missed that one! esp. after the financial crisis in the US of A. *facepalm*

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