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28 June 2009

India- ESET. Elections se Election Tak.

If you have to read just one thing today, let it be this story from the economist. "After India election- Don't waste it"

In fact, only the first para is of significance. So if you are rushed, bored or not interested the minute one mentions 'Economist', then read only the first few lines.

Going further, considering often media links get deleted or broken after some time, let me give below what it says;

"About 27m Indians will be born this year.

Unless things improve, almost 2m of them will die before the next general election.

Of the children who survive, more than 40% will be physically stunted by malnutrition. Most will enroll in a school, but they cannot count on their teachers showing up. After five years of classes, less than 60% will be able to read a short story and more than 60% will still be stumped by simple arithmetic."

Think about it.

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