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10 January 2009


Here is my first post of 2009 - which is actually a short round up of 2008 :)

2008 for me was in a manner of speaking, the best after many years and as close to wish fulfillment as it could probably get, relatively of course. It does not mean that I bought that dream house or that *drool* Roger Federer asked me out on a date - nope :D . A short break at year end, by the sun, sand and sea close to Mumbai was the only holiday or vacation I had in last two years. No other worthy acheivements at all. Yet, it was simply great by its very averageness (is that a word?) . The year began with me giving up my full time job after many years in corporate life and taking the plunge into the world of self appointed goals. It helped maybe that I had planned for it so it wasn't as stressful or scary as I feared. I have been thinking that in fact, given job losses, financial scams & other situations, the timing for me was a blessing in disguise. During the first half of the year I painted and renovated my home, started and completed two writing projects. A collection of articles on.. what.. life? and even a book of poems. While I thought I was getting the writing 'bug' out of my system in some strange way it only made me realise how much more I had/want to write. So it is there but on the backburner.

What I thought I'd miss and felt I'd feel 'lost' if not at full time work, were the interactions with so many people- the emails, the links & articles shared, news bites & gossip, exchange of pictures & daily life, debates & discussions & thoughts, insights - into brilliant minds, average minds, just minds- which is where twitter stepped in. On twitter I have been been connected to the global brains, hearts and life of people. I have learnt and laughed and loved so much with this crowd, it is amazing. At many points I have been inspired and encouraged to think and do more. I am now struggling with a new blog. The place holders (both on blogger & WP) has been there since last year now and I've used only to share some notes with family and friends. I hope to make it live hopefully soon. That is one of my 2009 resolutions. The other being to complete 48 pieces of art.

If you have been one of my blog or twitter friend over the past few months, then thank you for all your support so far. You are always in my mind and prayers and as we go into 2009 I wish you a 2009 filled with good health, much happiness and success any which way you define it.

Update : I changed the title of post after feedback I got that the previous one was not like the ones I choose normally. So here it is in one word what 2008 represented to me. If I was an accountant I'd choose balance, but as I am a libran, I like this word too. Both mean the same of course!

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