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26 November 2008

Mumbai RIP

This post is just a placeholder for a date in history. (Or it may be titled, if the city was a human)

I am not really in the frame of mind to write any blogpost. So this is not a blogpost as much as a tombstone. A graveyard marker -though in Indian thought and as hindus, we cremate and do not bury the dead. The idea being to set the soul free. Not hold it back with any physical reminders or emotional ones.

So who died. Well my city, Mumbai. Armed gunmen and terrorists held the city to ransom, randomly shooting and killing innocent citizens for no rhyme or reason while the administration and other citizens helplessly watched. Kinda like the school campus shootouts we read in the news that happens in US of A. And even as I type this the attacks and hostage situations are still on.

Now Mumbai is no longer this little seven islands town reclaimed to a city and populated by a happy vibrant migrant population with a legendary attitude and spirit. Today Mumbai shed it's humble origins and garb and joined the likes of Tokyo, London and New York. A global city -which wears terror attacks like a badge.

I hope all the politicians and the people who wanted to make Mumbai a global city are happy and proud. I can almost hear them posturing- People dead? Building burnt? Jobs lost? These things happen. It is a small price to pay for what we want to acheive!

Maybe if I shed 'old-fashioned sentimentality' for the city of my birth, I will celebrate too. But not today. Not yet.

Cos if we slip and slide away from the India shining story- then Mumbai will just join the legion of cities around the world known for bombings, terror and poverty.

This is death. And it may well be the re-defining moment for a re-incarnation. Based on past Karma- will it be re-born lower or higher is the question.

RIP Mumbai. I loved you. More than I expressed. More than words can ever say.

Update 1 : Home Minister of Maharashtra says almost to the T what I predicted in my post. "Bade bade Shaharon Mein Aisa Hota Hai."


judell said...

I am sorry for you, whom I have never met but only read and written to, and for your city, which I was lucky to have visited once, long ago.

--xh-- said...

yeah.. sad business my prayers r with the victims and the brave police/army/nsg cammandos/firefighters/hospitals

aeropolowoman said...

Reading "Mumbai RIP" punched me in the gut and tore at my heart. God, I felt your deep sorrow and pain. I wish I could help relieve the suffering but I know I can't. During the siege I reported via Tweet for 17 hours, and since then have come to know many of those whose lives have been shredded and bruised. From my vantage the best I can do for you is continue to pray and speak on your behalf to people who look different, worship in another manner, and would otherwise be unaffected by your plight. Please accept my deep and sincere condolences.

Blog Time said...

Dear Deepa,

as you said the fire to free the soul of the dead, your city will be reborn. A very important thing is keep in mind that it is up to you and the younger generation to be agent of change, I believe the great majority of people of all races and faith are good, the few bad ones should never dictate the road we have to travel.

You and your city will be not the same BUT it will be wiser and stronger because of what happened.

Your friend from Brazil,

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