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14 November 2008

Khana Kashmir se Kanyakumari tak

This pic has been doing the rounds of email forwards and it is quite likely that you may have seen this. Recently a chat about a journey around India reminded me about posting this to my blog.

I have no idea if the picture belongs to someone or is copyrighted. If you know, or it belongs to you then do notify me via the comments feature or drop me a mail and I will be happy to credit it rightly or take it off as the case may be.

But in the meantime, travel around India and enjoy some of the flavours it offers. Remember to Share the food too! :D

While your devour this, I will mull over my dream to start my own food show- not a Nigella Cooks, or Kylie Kwong....but, oh well, I have no ideas at all....any help welcome!

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