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18 September 2008

Jaago Re! Wake up India.

I had written a blogpost on the Tata Tea Jaago Re ad campaign here last year in October.

It is always a great thing to see one of your wishes come true and when I came to know of this site , launched in less than a year since the ad campaign, I am thrilled to bits. One of those Yipee! moments when you want to simply jump up in joy. (Jaago means - Wake up!).

Electoral reforms in India, specifically of Mumbai - my gaon, have been very close to my heart and I commented often on it on Mumbai Matters the only other blog that even remotely covered such issues and wrote tirelessly to make readers aware of voter card registration procedures. On several occasions I have wondered how with such an educated, elite bunch of people making up the Mumbai population the voter turnout, citizen participation and public partnerships were so low.

Things moved up considerably since the 26/7 floods, and since then, the realisationhas dawned, that while money talks, it is conversations and community that works in action. And while there have been instances of the Juhu election, Agni, and other such efforts what was really missing was the main piece of the puzzle that could make it easy for the common citizen. A one stop shop- preferably online, that would address the issues of ballot. makes this possiblenot just for Mumbai but for all of India!

At least they have put the enabler in place. Which is only a small start but embodies big aspirations. It helps many people too who were awake but did not know what to do next.

I have in several places in my blog made reference to the Tata group , their contribution to the country & commitment to social responsibility. Other than the joy of seeing a pet project being done, I am not connected in any way with the TATA group or the campaign. (How sad-I'd love that :D). In sync with the times once again, they have demonstrated their commitment.

The attractive, colourful and interactive design and layout of the site is what the 'Sone pe suhaga'- the icing on the cake.

I plan to check this out and register right away. You must too!


Team Jaagore said...

We have been talking for the last 61 years. Let's really wake up (jaago re!) and make a difference instead of playing the menial blame game.
Walk the Talk and be accountable to none but ourselves.
Spread the word, register today.

Anonymous said...

@team Jaagore It'd help if the site does not give an unfriendly 'site down' message!

Bombay Addict said...

Thanks for the link Deepa. It's been a while since I blogged and I regret it. I did see the Jaago Re ad and it's fantastic that they're doing this effort. Another reason I admire the Tatas. Brilliant effort.

Deepa said...

#Bombay Addict The real issue for someone like me is not so much registering to vote but-Who to vote for! In white, saffron, red or blue - all hypocrites.

Jaagore does seem like a small start - will have to see how it evolves. Hopefully not the full fleged nautanki of US elections. It may take up to two generations more.

Unfortunately time is not something India can afford.

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