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3 August 2008

Animal Friends

Look who visited early morning on friendship day. A stray cat, presumably attracted by the warmth of the neighbours door mat, stared me straight in the face and with a plaintive "meow" greeted me as I opened the door in the wee hours of the morning!

It is weird. On my birthday, it was a white, plump stray too- but a dog. This time I took a picture :) Weird because it is an apartment on a higher floor and strays normally do not find their way up.

Animals are such wonderful friends. They ask no questions, make no demands criticisms.


manuscrypts said...

no demands? the image of 'Garfield' springs to mind :D

Deepa said...

@manuscrypts When I typed it I thought of Grafield and yes, you are right. Even without a fictional characters, pets can and are demanding. But they give so much in return.

Butyour comment made me realise a mistake. The word used in the original (from Nature thoughts) is 'criticisms'. Have corrected it now. Thank you!

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