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21 June 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends

I had blogged a simple post on J. K. Rowling here.

A second post on the same person?

I just had to share this-'The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination'- speech she gave at the Harvard Commencement that I’m posting today.

After reading the speech, I will never associate the word 'Imagine' with John Lennon’s song or even with Einstein and his famous quote. The word, Imagine now will always remind me of this lady author.

The talk is filled with gems; and as I was reading it I felt very grateful for many things that made it possible to access this, even such small things that we normally take for granted such as to be able to read, to comprehend English, to have access to the Internet, to be able to share it with friends & others via my blog.

Any good blog post has its fair share of fans and follower comments. Since my blog has hardly any comments or traffic (maybe due to the fact that I did not have a comment feature enabled or more likely it is just a boring blog) while I was googling to link to the talk, this post on BoingBoing caught my eye too - it is replete with comments so I thought I'd link to it too - No.38 is my favourite. I stopped reading after that!

Instead of writing this post if all I could do, is say it in 140 characters allowed by twitter, then what I’d say is this:

‘I wish wish wish I could put 'Creator & writer of Harry Potter series' in MY twitter bio.’


elsbar said...

I don't find this blog boring. Why would I care to read it, then ? :-)I have added the RSS to my reader, but have not been commenting enough to give you the attention. Keep it going, Deepa ! :-)

Deepa said...

Making you work? :)

No it is not attention, but interest from Mumbai readers as I normally blog on matters to do with city and civic issues. But I guess it is a matter of time for it to evolve.

Quite happy with all my 'friends' who read and support my blogging. They are family.

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