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19 May 2008

Mumbai city: facing a future without trees.

I saw Chronicles of Narnia -Prince Caspian over the weekend on Saturday and it was great fun.

Both the movie and, the movie going experience . Of course I would love it - I love fables. And here are a few thoughts that are buzzing in my head since then.

I do not completely agree with whoever thinks or says that Chronicles of Narnia is a movie only for children. No doubt the narrative is that of a fairy tale replete with children, who travel to the beyond, forest, animals , mythical creatures et. al. To me it was replete with metaphors and symbolisms. One particular one being about protecting nature and giving it its due.

I thought the denizens and administrators of Mumbai would do well to see the movie, especially the scene where the great lion, Aslan (voice of Liam Neeson) with a roar invokes the trees and river waters ( a depiction I felt of the anger, fury and revenge of nature viz: earthquakes, floods, tsunamis) - to save Narnia from the attack of the plundering army and return it to it's original inhabitants.

If 25,000 trees in Mumbai are cut in the name of development as it has been ascertained via the RTI (Right to Information) act and reported in the news, then yes, the prospect of the city facing a forest fire is decreased.

But so are many other prospects. Chief among them, survival.

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