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28 May 2008

Cricket and caste - both rock the country

Meanwhile like Nero fiddled when Rome was burning, the country-jashan manale ishtyle-plays IPL cricket to packed stadiums (and related media coverage of its players, scandals,trivia, gossip etc) even as the gujjar agitation moved into the 5th day completely disrupting now what is daily life to a lot of citizens. In a state that was barely recovering from the bomb blasts in Jaipur, not just daily life, tourism is also badly affected.

Speaking of the blast victims, people in South America (was it Argentina, I'm not sure) lit candles for the dead in Jaipur blasts; China declared a three day mourning for earthquake victims;even military Myanmar did so. India and Indians did nothing as mark of respect for Jaipur blasts victims.

At least we can pretend we care?

Fake it till we make it?

Itna bhi jashan nahin manale.

On the first day of what was to be a peaceful demonstration by the gujjars, the police opened fire to disperse the crowd, leading to the death of some of them and the situation quickly escalated to a stand-off. Representing a tribe of more than tens of thousands of people who elect the leader and government into power and pay to keep them there, it is a tragedy that they resort to and are at the receiving end of violence instead of dialogue. I was intrigued to watch on telly the composed and english speaking (in variance with his traditional attire and turban) leader of the gujjars till I read later that he happens to be an ex-army colonel (and seventy years of age!). An ex-army officer who can get tens of thousands of people to march at this command and lead a fight into death as they announced should have sent some signals on day one? Calling him names and hauling him to court in the midst of such a tense situation makes me very sad and uncomfortable too. He may just turn out to be the next prime minster of the country and those who did so may end up looking foolish?

There was more concern and interest, visible and expressed that Ambani's team lost in cricket.

Whether cricket or caste- both rock the country in different ways.

Just as cricket represents the cultural ethos in society, the crisis represents valuable lessons in leadership, mediation and conflict management, and both of course represent the future of this country.


Roy said...


I saw a nice cartoon mentioning this issue. It went like:

Watching the blast's news, one man reacts, "Ohh"

Then when he heard, Warne/Smith is planning to leave the IPL, He reacts, "Oh No!!"

Funny, but how true to reaveal our true self.

Nice blog.

Deepa said...

Indeed. Thanks for the comment too. It does seem humour is the new opium of the masses?

Tabrej said...


Nice to see indian bloggers.

and I like your twitter post.


Deepa said...

@Tabrej Thank you Tabrej for the visit and the comment. Yes, the twitter story post has elicited quite a few such responses to my delight.

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