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10 March 2008

What de India?

Earlier here I had posted some thoughts on cricket so that it would serve as a reminder why we should not discuss and argue ad nauseum at some future date, about why we do not win Olympic medals.

Today, I feel silly that I did not include a line to state that winning is subject to being selected or qualified to play (one of those Ooops! moments I have quite often)

India fails to qualify for the Olympics in hockey. The national game.

Irony : We can always catch other sporting action at Force One (did I mention when I heard this ad for the first time I thought Sharukh Khan was doing one of those social messages ad to exhort youth to join the armed forces.. Join the Force!...ha.. ha..) and/or avidly follow the status of cricket team uniforms designed by haute-couture designers in a "Sports meets Fashion" concept.

Wonder when it will be in fashion to win. Win well, win lots- with pride and honour for self and the country.

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