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18 March 2008

Go Goa!

So Scarlett Keeling was a young girl who should have been in school instead of at a rave party or doing drinks and drugs, her mother should have been with her instead of away, the dog should have been fed, the cat let out and the roses watered. And don't forget to pay the insurance premium dear-today is the 10th of the month too. Update : Read Bachi Karkaria on Why we love to hate Fiona.

How does all the above change or affect the fact that Goa- one of our jewels of land, culture and tourism industry - is, if we go by reports, reduced to a drug haven; run by Russian Mafia ( are they are not migrants?) ; and tracts of land and property sold with no proper procedures (as in many other parts of India). And further, why are police officials, ministers, politicians reduced to calling the girls mother a gypsy and hippie instead of looking into what is a matter of national security and interest.

This is my interest in the issue- why is it not of every Indian?

But then, a ten year old child is raped and killed near the capital city in the midst of what should be a marriage party ( Maybe his parents should not have bought him a bicycle and/or taught him to fight for right too?) ; parts of central India have been seceded to Naxal army; drunken or rash driving, illegal parking and such on an average kills one in the city every day ; land and property rates are obscenely high in South Mumbai (is there no CBI enquiry possible on such trends?) and I could quote a couple more but for today I muse on how nice it will be when an Indian political leader will quit on the basis of having paid for a call girl or commercial sex worker a la the NY governor.

I laugh so much at this 'never will it happen in a million years here' thought that all the other angst is forgotten for the moment.

So I just end the day with a prayer that the mother of the girl finds strength to fight her battles or make her peace- as God determines best for this country. Because it certainly does not seem like anyone else cares.

P.S : The Virgin mobile ad both in content and timing is simply too yucky. Kya hatke? Stupid ad. Young girl in frame. Story line- First scare your folks that your interest in opposite sex is iffy. The folks start hyperventilating and blaming each other and upbringing and schooling (?!) ( do the ad makers have any idea of what statements they are making?) . Then a call from a boy -who invites girl to go to Goa for a trip- parents urge girl to go to Goa -" Take interest in extra-curricular activities(again?) . At end, girl smirks into the phone at her 'smart' idea. Zara hatke - rubbish.

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