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28 March 2008

About my blog

I blog normally about what is uppermost in my mind, whether a memory or an experience, a news event or a business observation. So I cannot say what will always be my topic. While I love strategy topics, ICT, development issues, nature & environment and knowledge management which is my work, I will write about some of the things I love. Such as my city of Mumbai, my country India and its people and issues.

Regardless of my topic, I am driven to blog to have my own column, if you will and I have been at it because I can self-publish and it is an 'one to one' enabled by the medium.

I enabled comments only in Jan 2008 and not for a whole year of blog posts. One of the reasons I changed my mind was simply the fun I had in posting comments on other blogs.

Whether you are a first time visitor, regular reader, occasional browser, friend or fan of my blog - if you spot a factual or technical errors or corrections that need to be made please let me know about it either as a comment or an email.

(this post is simply the transcript of what used to be there earlier in section, 'About my blog')

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