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27 February 2008

Time flies

Overheard in the middle of the KROMA store, a youngish girl talking into her cell phone and swishing up and down the aisle. "You cheat on me every second night nah, but I still love you nah'. Since there were no tears, I guess it was 'cool' . In typical Mumbai MYOB fashion while I continue with what I am doing, I note with amusement others are avidly enjoying the public entertainment that loud cell phone conversations provide.

For the space it occupies KROMA has good layout, display and interiors. The staff are polite and ubiquitous but not very useful. And some products have limited ranges or brands in stock. I wonder if this is the average feedback- it is a fairly new store.

If it is not shopping and malls, it is movies. And Mumbaikars are divided on JA. Either people love the movie or well, not hate it but complain. Too long, Too this, too that. Take a chill pill
and enjoy. Or go see OSO. Even as they crib, the magic seems to be creeping up the jaded Mumbaikar and box-office sales are climbing says a news item today. While the detractors denounce it, no one seems to want to miss it even if as they profess- it is only curiosity and "just to have or make fun of it'. Who cares.

As long as the people who have made the movie make money. For it certainly deserves to make money.

We loved it and I am glad which means, the after movie conversation and dinner was lovely and not just Aww... come on, Don't tell me.. type. In the movie, the Krishna bhajan rendition was disappointing - other than this very minor thing, overall it made great viewing leaving me with an ineffable sadness that stories from the past have. The four hours length etc did not register. Anyway, if music is a metaphor then whether Khwaja mere Khwaja or Kanha mero Kanha, the prayer of the faithful reaches the power from where it has originated (this is just an aside). I also think that instead of a ban they should make it tax- free. I know I may have just said the most 'uncool' thing but I am a dodo.

Speaking of movies, I surely live under a rock. Did we actually have a movie in Mumbai called 'Mixed Doubles'? I saw it only recently and was surprised it got made and released and screened without any tantrums from the moral brigade. No bans, PILs, bandhs? How did that happen, I wonder, for within the answer may be some interesting insights. Is it confusing or just what I have held all along? That there is predictable method in our madness and when it comes to social mores, morality, freedom etc, Mumbai ke daant, like that of the pachyderm, khane ke aur hain aur dikhane ke kuch aur. Brave Rajat Kapur huh.

I thought of Mixed Doubles cos I saw Konkona in a new ad. And thought why is she doing this-a Horlicks calcium ad?

I'd have thought she is too young to do ads for vitamin supplements. Is she not 27-28 or something? I am older than her and I am wondering now if I should worry about my bones getting brittle. Then I thought WTH! what do I do when I am fifty and going on sixty? Take calcium supplements for the next thirty years of my life? Crazy. After seeing the ad I was in a tizzy. Do I need to take a calcium test? What does that mean anyway- never heard of it. Is it only of you have had kids, or if you have crossed thirty or what. Can one take more than required calcium and what would happen then. Does'nt extra calcium result in kidney stones or something. It is like the 'iodised" namak wala story.

Which brings me to one more of my peeves.

For all the strides we have made in the last decade in information and such, advertisements and product information still seems stuck in the seventies.

There is that one, a hundred words per minute speed at which "Mutual funds are subject to market risk, Please read the offer document carefully before investing' is rattled.

But while products and services are getting to be first world, consumer rights and benefits still continue to be shackled in third- world era. Medicines, health supplements, contraceptives and other pharma products and company ads are aired and printed which do not provide any details, indications or contraindication warnings.

So much for informed choices and consumer rights.

Ads!!...I cannot tell how many people want me to explain what the balti ad is. I would if I knew. All I know is I see a TV spot where a woman is in bed talking to a red plastic bucket about photos and what- getting a life? Is that supposed to be her hubby?

Tell me, who needs a life? A balti or a woman who talks to one?

I rest my case. The only good thing about the radio ad (if in the first place there can be any positive for such an inane ad) is that it reminds/brings back Uddham Singh of many eons ago life on MTV, who narrates the lines.

So much to do. So little time.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

There is this slight exhibitionist culture which is creeping in where people LIKE to be overheard – have you noticed it?

As one of those beleaguered ex-advertising types, I feel compelled to defend SOME advertising ( a lot of it is utter absolute ****, but that apart). There is an animal called the Client-Copywriter who happens to think he is better than the actual creative team and uhm sort of dictates a LOT of the stuff which eventually ends up being aired ( the one who pays the piper blah blah)

Deepa said...

I used to think it may be due to lack of civility or the fact that surrounding noise levels are high and now that you mention it, exhibitionist culture - totally agree.

My posts only reference ads -they not any review or critique. I love ads. And the associated C-C-C-people - I have great respect for them. And all work. To an accountant or banker, numbers are creative and to an air-hostess quite often there is very little glamour in being on your feet, doing back breaking duty for long hauls dealing with passengers. So the posts are not about advertising as a profession- just ads as I see them - about people, business, society, dynamics-about us.

For instance, while I like the bournvita confidence academy ad, I find the one of rich woman visits maids house and son studying, benarasi saree etc as one in which sublimal messages re-inforce hackneyed stereotypes even as it markets to bottom of the pyramid.

I could write a series on the topic...:) Thanks for your visit and comment again!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

well i am back ..and yus there are many bad ads around..the new pepsi one for instance makes me want to dig a hole and jump in and pull the hole in after me. youngistan? seriously! i need to write a rant on that. you have an interesting blog. glad i discovered it!

Cynic in Wonderland said...

incidentally - also love the wordsworth line you have posted here.

Deepa said...

Thanks again CiW!

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