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21 February 2008

Ten reasons for India's poor performance at the Olympics

Ten reasons- make that twenty- why a nation of a billion people fares as it does in the tally of gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympics?

1. Cricket
2. Cricket
3. Gully cricket
4. Cricket
5. Maidan cricket
6. Building compound cricket
7. Test cricket
8. Cricket
9. One day cricket
10. One year cricket
11. Twenty- twenty
12. Cricket
13. Day-night cricket
14. Ten-ten cricket...arre nahin hai to ho jaayega.
15. IPL, ICL, Idl, ikl, ijl, itl, I all L
16. Just cricket
17. Cricket
18. Beach cricket,club cricket, league cricket
19. Book cricket
20. More Cricket

Did I mention I have nothing against cricket as a game? I quite like the men in white. Really.

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