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6 February 2008

Sympathy pours in for Sania

I do not understand the term sympathy and how it pours- for some reason, to me the word seems empty. But support her, I do. Completely. Unequivocally.

I have been watching, hearing and reading various people (largely men btw) opining how the 'sporting spirit' she should play and such. Even the HT editorial today and Leander Paes.

I'm intrigued. Where were all these people and their opinions and support ....sympathy (?) - when she was needlessly troubled. And if they feel so strongly then even now do you hear anyone of them coming out in support of her against the ones who file PILs and issue fatwas. Who take it as a responsibility and obligation (to the country, if not to her) to ensure that she is protected against such needless stuff. Anyone who takes it on them to vociferously speak on her behalf till the battle is won. Nope.

No one in their right mind would think she is happy with this choice. But to make it in spite of it shows her determination. The same that makes her the player she is. So, more power to you Sania. And a thumbs up to your manager and sponsors too.

Because, really to me- the words, empowerment, freedom, liberal, contemporary is meaningful only to the extent a woman is allowed to and can use the word 'No'. Even when it makes her unpopular and elicits responses and slurs on her as a player and her professional spirit. Not to mention the money she stands a good chance of winning.

'No' is one of the most powerful word one can use and if the lady says no, it is a no.

If Sania Mirza changes her mind I will continue to admire her. Because again, it is a womans prerogative :)

Now, if only some of our (male) cricketers would take such a stance and refuse to play when their houses are vandalised and effigies burnt if they lose, maybe some of the respect would come back into the game and into the public and civic sense of the nation and its citizens.

Go Sania Go

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