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12 February 2008

Sounds of Silence

One of the most enduring of Mumbai experiences is the noise in the city.

Traffic, trains, people, buses, honking, dogs, children, at restaurants, at aiports, on roads. Radio, tv, cricket, commentary, festivals, hawkers. Road rage, train rage, plain rage. The sea side isn't spared nor are the mandatory silence zones around hospitals and places of worship observed. Some of it is quite re-assuring in its own way even as it most of it is quite often uneccessary, but no one can wish it away. Or cuss it away either.

Hence it was the phrase ,'The silence was deafeaning' in the post on the Borivali National Park that caught my attention first over at Full2Faltu blog. In this city of unending noise, to have patch of green where the silence greets you can be unnerving, strange, even surreal.

By the time the pictures loaded, they were a treat. Gives a sense of being there and taking a walk. There is an old functional bridge, a snake skin shed by its owner and the valley. The fog, the foliage, a flight of steps, the forest. A close -up of a cactus- could be Mexico or Mumbai, but Mumbai it is! I loved it. And also because it shows a side of Mumbai which we do not show or see normally. The silent Mumbai. My side of the story. And city.

Borivali National Park though is known by the name of this one suburb, in fact I think stretches around Andheri, Goregaon and Thane too. The post is wonderfully detailed and evocative.

I have also done a guest post over at his blog on the topic of teachers- how we can learn from almost anyone and any experience in life. The invitations to guest blog also supports two good causes that Punds supports, one of them being the strays of Mumbai, the Bombay bow-wows. (clap clap). If you'd like to read it and the other ten guest posts then this is where you should be headed.

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