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22 February 2008


I was one of those kids in school who loved the subject called Social Studies in Mumbai schools- that includes history, geography and civics.

At least in my class it was least liked and to that extent I was the odd one out. Of course for geography we had the most awesome teacher, and my love for civics made me decide to take Political Science later as one of the electives in high school. But history somehow has always fascinated me and it only remained an interest- never took it up for any further study. But some personalities completely caught my imagination and in fact have stayed there. One of them from Indian history is/has been the Mughal period Akbar. If there is any time I would like to have been born in, one of them would have been this. The fascination for Birbal's sparkling wit, Akbar roaming the streets in disguise to monitor the pulse of his people, and, how can one forget the story of his visit in disguise (almost subterfuge) to hear Meerabai sing. So can you imagine, if there was no Akbar, there'd had been no Tansen (we would not know of Swami Haridas (Tansen's Guru) and Mirabai would never have been denounced by the Rajput king and become a wandering saint etc ( the king threw her out in rage when he discovered that Akbar was part of the group in the temple etc) . Quite fascinating, the whole turn of events. Then simply, for my love of music, I'd die ten times over if I could hear Tansen (or even hear of him- if I was in some distant village and not the capital) Oh, what a time!. Did it really happen? Did he really sing Raag Deepak and light lamps and Megh Malhar and invoke rain? Wow.

I still haven't got around to seeing Jodhaa Akbar. How I just love, love the music of the movie- marhaba I think is my fav but I will decide after I watch it. I can't wait for next week to see it (gave my word to see it with a friend whose birthday it is) and if there are still any silly silly people out there who haven't seen it, please do. Go. For A R Rehmans music; the beauty of Rajasthan; the history of Mughals; a gorgeous leading pair; for simply the wonderful large canvas epics present - and like me if you are also deeply dippy about design and everything to do with it, then for the awesome jewellery and such.

Gosh, this me drooling without seeing the movie. After watching it, I think I will have to be dragged out of the theatre. I really don't care the newspaper reviews give it a 'one point five' star.

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