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5 February 2008

I am having the last laugh

All the occasions of buying scarves, stoles, shawls, cardigans, caps and such has finally paid off. Finally the Mumbai chill justified the buys.

Most of it got used even otherwise- at work, when the aircon was at full blast, or when travelling. And strangely very little got used this year, for some reason my body seems to have adjusted to the cold. So for one who'd be all wrapped up at the slightest sign of chill, I quite enjoyed the lovely weather, and cheerfully lent some and donated other warm clothing.

For friends and family who over the years went- Are you mad, for Mumbai weather, when will all this get used? I just smiled even as within I was chuckling with delight. (S)he who laughs last laughs best. Not to mention the joy of having a nice collection. Material Girl.

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