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6 February 2008

A debate, a panel and an audience

Caught some debate on a TV channel (Don't know which one- they all sound and look the same now) on the Mumbai for Mumbaikars (Maharashtrians?) issue .

Some observations:

1. The moderator was anything but that. Moderate. At one point he actually yelled at one of the panelists. Something that sounded like- do not teach me history. Tch. Tch. Yelling at a panel member ? The others looked like they did not want to say anything further.

2. Speaking of others, any particular reason why the audience members are hushed by the channel? All the time. When they answer a question which they are asked or even when they are not. Is the audience only for decorative purpose? Again, at one point- the host said, anyone else with any other point of view? His frustration at not getting enough support (read racous, violent anger) for 'his' cause was apparent. Tch. tch again. Listen to the audience buddy. They are the janta janardan.

(In the one second allowed to them some of them did throw up an insight.)

3. It was quite funny- one audience member stated that the autorickshaw drivers ply multiple autos in one permit and do not pay taxes and the next thing is the channel camera zooms in to Shatrugnan Sinha the actor who loudly professed he and Amitabh pay taxes as Mumbai citizens. When did their status change from film stars to migrants/auto drivers? Once again, the host did not bother correcting it. (I had given up expecting it anyway)

Look at it like this. If there were enough for everyone- trains, buses, housing, water, clean roads and a safe city there would not be any resentment at all. If there was a proper mechanism for monitoring migrants into the city or citizens and their issues and such. As the matter stands, there isn't any of these.

Then finally, the chap kept asking loudly- Is this not divisive politics? No one answered.

Really, grow up. Has there been any other kind in India.

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