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19 February 2008

Conversations with friends

Over at Krish Ashok's blog, he has written a post on how advertisements are an art and entertainment form. That it is!

And I am intrigued that by now, people point out ads that I should blog about. Or want to know why I haven't about one and such. A couple of samples for instance;

(where R is Reader of blog- different people; different times)

R: The ad in which the chap is reading the paper to a baby, so cute na.
Me: Yes
R: To likho na.
Me: It is so cute - surely everyone likes it. What is there to write?
R: (says nothing but I am sure is thinking) - Wonder what makes her blog and what doesn't.

Another one;

R: Hey, the mentos new ad. It is so funny- the monkey, man and the donkey evolution script. Write about it.
Me: Hmmn. Ya. It is nice.
R: (in what I feel is a demanding tone) - then why haven't you blogged about it?
Me: (In a 'spare me' protesting voice) But I don't like mentos.

At this point we have both completely lost each other.

After such exchanges I find that the quality of chats I have nowadays with people (who read my blog or profess to do so) has become very intense and banal. Believe me, the two emotions can and do exist together.

I dismiss thoughts about ads and blogs and settle down to catch some cricket on TV. All my attention is given to pressing the mute button on the remote every time Ravi Shastri opens his mouth and 'unmute it' to hear Harsha and Wasim Akram speak on the India -SL match . Such remote control virtuosity successfully accomplished I smile a self satisfied smile. Ravi Shastri avoided. Cricket match over. No new ads. Time for tea/coffee. Chillax redefined. Conversations and chai, cake and coffee. Simple joys.

But seriously, my this week picks for ads.

I quite like an old one about LIC - na chinta, na fikar, na ho darr..yeh vaada hai hamesha har,la,la..hummable tune- it has a nice old fashioned, 'life insurancy' feel like older one,when the lady wipes the dust of her dead husband’s photo after having paid for her daughters wedding with the insurance money. The link between life- death, safety nets and insurance to meet expenses, quite firmly established with no need for lots of clever words.

And for some reason I find the Moser Baer DVD/CDs ad interesting. This is what I was talking about here about seeda- saada simple ads. The 'Hello Happiness' tag line and a high pitched voice piping in a sing-song manner in repeat mode- "DVD- Pachis rupaiye, VCD- Bees rupaiye" (or something to this effect) is very sticky. Like the Akon song, 'I'm so lonely' it buzzes around in my head after it has been shooed away.

Reader recommendations other than two mentioned above- is also the new yuva Moto ad where a teenage boy with the FM radio on his phone zones out his father ranting at him to clean up his room. The Adnan Sami 'Garam Masala" song as a background score is almost in perfect synchronisation with the old mans gestures as he yells at his son. I agree. Nice change also from having to see Abhishek do the moto ad.

P.S. There is one more conversation that comes to mind. This time around it goes like this;

R: Why have you restricted me from reading your blog.
Me: I have done no such thing.
R: Of course. It says login to read.
Me : That was long time back and for a short while.
R: Oh... you know what, I have no net connection to read blogs at office.
Me: (I just nod my head and say something like) Eat something, here, have a cookie.

Ruffled feathers are soothed. Coffee is resumed.

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