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10 January 2008

Two Headlines

To those who question the Nano (and Tata's social responsibility)

- Go take a drive

I root for nano. And yes, I have read all the articles on its alleged drawbacks. (On days like this I love the use of traditional journalistic language- like 'alleged')

Then Why? Simply because it started as a dream. Then was treated as a joke. And now is a reality. It does not happen everyday.

Then there was this headline on the increasing rate of divorce in Pune.

Wonder what they'd respond to this financial services advertisement that advises them to stay invested through ups and downs- just like in a marriage.

And as an aside: Hrithik & Ash look stunning in Jodha Akbar. Individually and as a couple. That guy is amazing. Every movie, every role- he just slips into the skin.

I hope JA does not disappoint. I love epics. Two of my favorite movies are Ben-Hur and Gandhi. I don't expect JH to be anything close. If it is reasonably good, I'd be happy.

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