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3 January 2008

A tale of two cities-III

The J W Marriot incident and thereafter.

This is definitely not a first or an isolated incident. Even as back as just about ten years ago, as youngsters, we'd take a BEST bus or a train to college or to work. In the last 5-10 years, it is practically impossible to travel in a BEST bus especially on the routes in newer suburbs. I am not speaking of 84 ltd. The sanitised Andheri Stn-Churchgate route. I am speaking of routes that travel Borivali, Jogeshwari, Powai , Mulund etc. Throw in a Wadala, Saki Naka, Kurla, Kalina. I still am within city limits. Say a girl who lives in Borivali and travels to a college in Mulund. Or lives in Vashi and travels to Seepz. On an average at least one-two cases of eve teasing and molestation per day (irrespective of rich, poor, dress code, event etc) is reported in Mumbai at least in the media.

The last was the lawyer girl from Vashi who had a man flashing porn on his mobile phone while sitting next to her on a bus. So, the real number may be higher. Rape is not even covered in the scope of this post. Just the normal routine life. Dealing with the dhobi, autorickshaw, commuter and the shopper in the mall. (Does anyone know there is a category of offenders who frequent malls either singly or in groups only to brush against females? ) I am at a loss to write more simply because I said almost all that is there to say almost two years back in my post, Mumbai, wake up and smell the coffee, and in almost every post after that on the changing landscape of Mumbai and its denizens.

More on the Marriot molestation incident over at Nita's blog where she has updated her earlier post on the topic and (update) at Sakshi's blog too. Blog aggregators like DesiPundit and Blogbharti also have collated other responses.

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