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6 January 2008

Foldable, Flexible, Roll-able Librofonino

While you are at it, on NDTV Gadget Guru, I also recommend the video on Librofonino , a Telecom Italia product, touted as the gadget of the future!

The site describes some of its features as;
• Wide rollable 5" QVGA 16 grey scale display (sunshine readability)
• HSDPA and DVB-H dacasting connection
• Device pocket size
• Essential input keys
• OMA content protection
• Low weight (<150gr.)
• SD card memory slot
• Solid cover and device robustness
• USB port
• High battery lifetime (weeks)

But the video is so much more explicit- the foldable, flexible, rollable feature with 'Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes' book displayed. Cool!

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