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28 January 2008

Confidence Academy

Every time I watch the Bournvita 'Confidence Academy' ad, it strikes me how much I like it.

It is about two boys, one a city bred yuppie who is a rap dancer and the other a village bred youngster who is a folk singer who challenge each other. The result is a short foot-tapping number where the folk singer modifies his tune to match the foot work of the other boy. At the end of it, the folk singer boy endorses confidence and the last shot is of the rap singer boy at the tabla with both of them in a smiling cameo of camaraderie. Lovely concept, flawless execution and such an unusual idea. No direct co-relation to the product at all and yet relates to it at various levels.

It also appeals to me in many personal ways too. The two youngsters could easily be from within my circle of family, friends or students. The lilting Rajasthani folk tune is so beautiful and I love folk music ( add to that some little training in Indian classical music too- music as far as I am concerned is all pervading in my list of likes and life). For a fleeting moment it also reminds me of the scene from the classic south Indian movie Shankarabharanam, when the group of college youngsters challenge the music teacher, but only very fleeting- as in the movie, the scene is about arrogance, humility, disco v/s classical etc- the ad has none of it. It is about a challenge that leads to confluence, not confrontation. The true mark of confidence.

The execution displays rhythm, energy and bonhomie and much more. Now only if we could extend this kind of inspired work to our television serials.

Magar uske liye chahiye 'confidence'!

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