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25 January 2008

Brave Harp

It is like Burnol on a scalded hand. Soothing.

Brave Harp. A a very loved piece of music. And also about how nice it is to have the choice to tune in to BBCentertainment.

I am hooked to three serials, one about an sci-fi space character living on earth with his (earth) wife and two kids and their life- called My Hero. Then a lovely heart-warming story of a Scottish laird in 'Monarch of the Glen'; and the third 'When you are gone'- humour- about a man and his two teenage children he raises with the help of his mother-in-law.

Speak of Scotland, and among other things, it is now more than ten years ago that I first heard Brave Harp-Mist of Thyme, a music collection of Scottish songs, ballads and the Celtic harp, truly evocative and hauntingly beautiful music from a land that is so too. Watching the characters and story unfold in Glenbogle is the music of Brave Harp come alive. Even after all these years, I never tire of listening to it.

As the story unfolds on the beautiful landscape, its people, their traditions and the travails of the characters in the story, I feel part of it and there is this feeling in my heart that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Actually I watch the other two simply because they are back to back with the tales of glenbogle and by the time I am done, sometimes my head aches with so much of TV watching..but...I would not miss it.

As Mogambo would have said it- Mogambo Khush hua.

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