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19 January 2008

Balle Balle- the baarat has arrived

The Punjab government has ruled against ostentatious weddings.

Quote from the media news article:

"This comes in response to a query from the High Court that was hearing a PIL filed by an advocate, seeking stricter implementation of the Dowry Prohibition Act.Section 4 A of the Act says:
-There should be no display of presents made at the time of marriage in the form of cash, ornaments, clothes or other articles.
-There should not be more than 25 members in a marriage party.
-Any form of shagun, money or gift exceeding the value of 11 rupees in not permitted.

Defaulters may be jailed for 6 months and even fined up to 5000 rupees.

The police say they will act promptly only if there's a complaint."

End of quote.

Other than providing succour to many girls and their parents who sometimes spend a whole lifetimes savings and even incur debt to fund a wedding function, the aam aadmi ki zindagi will also hopefully improve if all of us can get back to our normal lives that has been like a takeover by aliens who had taken over the entire nation after the movie 'Hum apke hain kaun'.

Weddings at least in Mumbai have not been the same since. South Indians, known for their sober habits and where three instead of two sweets served at breakfast would denote a 'grand' wedding were all programmed by the shaadi fever that this one movie generated - and every one since- as it spawned numerous clones.

Sangeets, mandatory dance items to 'shava shava', Mehendi rasms -the couples went the whole nine yards- with svarovski crystal studded designer chaniya cholis replacing the traditional silks.

Unless the Hindi film industry too trims down this ostentation, the law will stay on paper- pretty much like the ban on dowry one.

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