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12 December 2007

Ten books I have not read in 2007

I have compiled a list from last at least three years fiction bestsellers list for those who think I buy or read a lot of books - I don't. In case there is any confusion, I want to again repeat- these are ten books/authors that I have not read. As yet at least.

1. Namesake- Jhumpa Lahiri
2. Opal Mehta- Kavya Vishvanathan
3. Maximum City
4. God of small things
5. Shantaram
6. Kite Runner
7. Chetan Bhagat- five point../one night ..
8. Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
9. Vikram Chandra
10. Kiran Desai

It is highly likely that if you ask other titles too my answer will be no, uh-huh, nope.

Would I not like to read them? I'd love to. Sometime, someday maybe. Soon hopefully.

The "Monk who sold his ferrari" is a book I read in-store so that should give you an idea if I read it at all or browsed is a more correct word. Otherwise now I am normally out of a book store in ten or twenty minutes-thirty is too long. An hour means I am with someone else and being polite or if at the new stores then it means cake/coffee and I will not do it again for at least next two months.

The last three books I read in fiction this year- Zahir by Paulo Coelho, Code by Dan Brown and The Afghan by Fredrick Forsyth -all purana-old novels.

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