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10 December 2007

Same- to- same

A little baby girl all of maybe three was enjoying herself on her tricycle within the confines of the compound wall as I was walking by. "What is your name" she posed at me, parking her vehicle blocking my way. I smiled at her bold curiosity. I knew her mom so I knew her name but she did not know that. So first I tried intimidating her (gently of course). I raised my eyebrows and asked her with my most unsmiling countenance, "Why do you want to know?" . The perceived resistance made her only bolder and she repeated her question even more persistently. In a fit of "masti" I told her with a very straight face. "My name is Maya". And it got the response I invariably get when I try this with kids. (Her name is Maya) .

She looked at me, first suspiciously, then a lil bit of silence. Then, with a very repetitive and rhythmic shake of the head, 'Noooo. Your name is not Maya.' And she pedalled away. Some of them wail, but this one is made of sterner stuff!

I burst out laughing. Mean of me. But it never fails to delight and amuse and baffle me why innocent children who will believe anything else, even that there exist fairies and elves and Santa, completely refuse to believe that you could be having a name which they have. (Try it). And perchance if it does happen to be the same one, which after all their "trusted sources"like Mom and Ayah and Dad etc. vouch and verify, then they find it hugely delightful. The "same- to- same" principle.

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