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2 January 2008

Ring out the old, ring in the new

My 2007 round-up.

Well, on the personal front, there was no vacation :( ....or much travel in 2007- both of which I could have corrected, but I am not complaining - because 2007 also meant new friends and re-connecting with old ones and re-visiting many priorities.

On the work front, it involved separation from the project & full time job that took up much of my waking time. More details in this case study that was the cover story in the June 2006 issue of Inside Knowledge. I owe many thanks to Graeme Burton without whom it would never have seen the light of the day and I will also get around and post the image of the simply super art work of the cover done by Emma.

Though I was seriously considering the step earlier, it just took longer to actually say the good-byes. Many asked me why- as it was as good as leaving at a time when all the hard work was over and time to reap rewards. For me it was the joy of the creative process and I get restless unless projects move to the next level of maturity, and then again simply a desire to pay attention to projects and person that I had always put on the back-burner (me). Any creative process is a reward in itself and 2007 did see some long desired creative endeavors including this blog!

Then, the good folk at SE-ictd invited me to join the resource group & meeting which took me by complete surprise since I thought all I was doing was contributing my 'two cents' worth, after which they went on to nominate me for an award in spite of my protests. When I demurred, I got- 'Your name had been nominated by members, they feel that your responses are fresh and you present “ frank and honest perspectives” they also feel that you are one of the respondents they nominated cause you do not “push any agenda but actually present experiences and ideas”. It was the best compliment anyone could have given me - direct dil se! and even as I gave in to their wish it was a great relief to me to know the award finally went to someone else. It was most fulfilling to meet up with this group in Delhi which was a lot of fun & learning though to my regret I could not make it to South India for the visioning workshop and rest of fun and action.

2007 was a year marked by blessings of health, food, friendships and fun- quiet, tranquil and yet full -the 'God is in his heaven and all is right with the world' moments. What more can one ask for? More blogging, perhaps? Nice! A world without blogs? Nah.. But both interesting possibilities.

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