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2 January 2008

Innovation 2008

Get ready for anything- the only constant will be change.

We've always said that didn't we..the kay-emm people- but affirmation is always good. The annual Innovation Report in Business Week provides some fascinating glimpses into predictions for 2008 and the slides give examples among others of Flying WI-FI, mobile applications, the Kindle book reader, identity replacing experience in marketing, and urban development. In , Our Urban Planet, it says the 192021 project—a study of 19 cities with 20 million people in the 21st century— gains massive corporate support. Quote: For the first time, in 2007, more than half the planet's people live in cities. 192021 plans to generate uniform data on the rise of these supercities and the role their consumers and creators play in business and civic life. End of quote.

Some concepts are old and at least I don't see them as light bulb moments -such as customer is king; and web -based tool kits for business and I'm not very clear about the one laptop per child-OLPC is a failed experiment.

I find this report interesting not just for the new things that it predicts and those that emerge but how for instance, in 'Unfriend ME'- (the new brahminism- online or offline) it is an indicator of how the more things change the more they remain the same!

About 'Unfriend Me', it says, 'Who you're friends with becomes more important than how many friends you have. Exclusivity and privacy replace open community in social media. People move to gated networks from and MySpace, fleeing the commercialization of their personal information and relationships.'

And in 'Hang on to the good stuff', it seems like just what dadima would have ordered - 'Don't waste and re-cycle' ke nuske.

An interesting set of slides and stories. Take a look.

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