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7 December 2007

Google Ga Ga

This is at least to me, very funny.

I have been struggling for some days now with a technical "knot" that I have run into. So I did the usual of check online help, discussion forums etc with no success. I wanted to mail Google and finally found one page where they invite users to submit "feedback/ideas". As I had both- a problem and an idea I clicked on the page and was completely amused by something I found there. It had a list of check boxes to kinda "bucket" your idea- I'd like to submit an idea about/I'd like gmail to- a, b, c, d, etc. And to my great amusement, one of them read- "To do my laundry". I could not stop laughing and still smile as I think of it. So post I did ( not in the- do my laundry category) - that was yesterday. I am quite curious to see what happens next. Believe me, sometimes I've have had the most intriguing experiences in responses to such pebbles I throw in the water.

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