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6 December 2007

Blogs and Blogging

There are a few posts that I have been meaning to or want to do for some time now and this is one of them. About blogs and blogging. Which ones do I read, blog roll etc.

If you read my posts, the links I have given therein to other sites and articles are sites I read or have read some posts at least and recommend. My first disclaimer: I read anything and everything. Normally enjoy most of it. Some sites I read but not all posts and often reach there when I was looking for something or linked from somewhere else. Obviously the ones I read more would be related to the "labels" on my blog, as these are some of the topics I think about more than others.

Hence on Mumbai, I would read Bombay Addict simply because he is that. I browse other Mumbai blogs too, they are so much fun- all the energy and thoughts and often lovely pictures too- then I click on links there and land in others. It's an adventure and I never know what I will discover today. I read "Windy Skies" a little and hope to read more some day- it is so beautiful. Then, I haven't visited it lately, but I discovered Shilpas "Aayi's recipes" in its very early days and think it is a very beautiful site and person behind it. Incidentally, other than a few early ones, the Deepa Prabhu who comments there is not me. Either a happy co-incidence or my parents gave me a beautiful but quite common name. Digital Inspiration is simply the 'star' so needs no validation from me, a rookie. What I love about DI most of all is its "customer centric" nature (excuse the jargon but) in DI, Amit keeps users & readers at the heart of his blog. I find that an "inspiration". My first query on the blog forum also helped me solve my issue! Disclaimer 2: I don't know any of these people in person, and have so far not met any of them. Then there is Alexis Leon author and writer whose life story is a sobering reality check and then many other things too. It is a delight to discover he is an avid blogger and has read James Herriot. So I discover, read and enjoy many more.

I am also hoping Google comes out with a new app which will allow- or do- for me to extract all links from my past and future posts and provide them in a display as a list on my site. If it does so with the tag- then lovely. So I do not have to do the effort or work required to list them. That is how lazy I am or have become. Or a more closer to the truth version is- I find it very intriguing why opt for the opposite when technology does what humans can or should do, and vice versa. Why manually "create a link list". It should be a fairly simple thing to get it done by a programme and/or code.

It is the same feeling I get when someone who lives two blocks away and has my phone number stored in their cell phone contact list sends me a linkedin request when we've not been in touch or spoken to each other at least for a year.

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