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10 November 2007

Saawariya of the curly wurly script

Diwali weekend. Saawariya and OSO. I'll keep this brief and I'm not going to compare them.


First impressions:

Is a cross between fantasy, animations and black. At any time, esp everytime the cityscape is shown, I expected the animated characters to fly into the frame. But instead a Chameli like Rani slides in and spouts some cliched lines and manages to do that for the rest of the movie! - what with the "retro" look in a prostitute, it appears as if she wandered in from the OSO sets or the next screen where it is running.


Oh.. Sonam's costumes, return of the kali wale kurtas, long sleeves, traditional embroidery and colours- and- classical white, refreshing change from the hot pants and firang girls sprinkled in liberal doses in all other movies. Ranbir shows (emotive/acting)potential in some scenes-was it my imagination? The lotuses- so many. Floating, plastic, painted. Just one of my favorite flower so I got so distracted that it didn't matter about what others were grumbling- no story, no narration, no raba raba, kudi, munde songs etc. My fav. scene- the one where Sonam is beating the dust out of the carpets left hanging to dry. It just seemed very oh.. so very artisty kind. Completely irrelevant and artisty.


Imagine a launch movie and the hero does not get the girl! Then, it is India, it is festival time- we like our colours, songs, dances, romance, rishte, family, food, pets, miracles, outfits, zing, bling Saawariya has none of this. The Barsaat also is an OD, in fact the movie will be good to be given to the lodha or belismo or whoever is advertising some water based theme township. Mumbai doesn't like baarish after 26/7. Sonam looks beautiful in the still posters -unfortunately it ends there. The movie does nothing more for her, looks or acting wise. Ranbir in parts acts like he has had too much coffee to drink. And I did get the feeling it was a launch for Zohra Sehgal. Re-discovering her in her old age- so much OD - Phew!


The first part was okay -after interval was oh so slow and boring. And please, can someone take Zohra away to rest or nap. Was she not good? I'm not even going there- I'm just saying I didn't go to see Zohrawiya. Not even a parrot in the vicinity to break the boredom. The popcorn-pepsi break saves the day. The songs- I should have stuck to the radio. The picturisation does nothing more for it. Ah. such a stupid waste to compare it to a love story. 1942 - stands uncontested. What I also don't get is why a diwali release? The Id festival just got over a fortnight ago. An id release would have been so much more appropriate. A SLB self- indulgent movie. It's like he is only absorbed in his "artistic expression" and little else about any other aspect. But I didn't like black or devdas- positively disliked both.

Update: I forgot to mention this but by now everyone knows - in saawariya, blue is the new black.

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