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11 November 2007

Home Shanti Home

Om Shanti Om-OSO to all- is time pass. Not paisa vasool. Munnabhai was paisa vasool.

About the movie;

1. You can't have too many friends- that is what I gathered in the title song. Message Re-inforced. Yeah - Energy and Chemistry. That too. All the beautiful women in the world are Indian. And then, in the rest of the movie, the great Indian comedy show inserts. Not to forget the Koffee with Karan flavours- when Abhishek contorts his facial muscles and so on at the filmfare awards function.

2. The first half is contrived, the second half picks up what with murder, mystery, ghost, revenge, an intense khan, a teeny bopper look Deepika (update: Read this too from Krishashok and also when he says the movie ironically, serves up most of the corny cliches it parodied before the interval.)

3. If cinema making is an art and bollywood represents pop culture and art, then OSO to me is finger painting. You know where the kids in play school dip their hands in paint and use their hands and fingers to put it all on a white sheet. After the sesssion is over you have brightly coloured splotches of paint, and mostly grinning & bold, some shy kids who look at you eagerly for your response and every adult around is cooing and aahhing. It is not false or artificial. The praise is genuine and real happiness is in the air and the sheet is put up on the notice board for all to see and approve. Would anyone criticise it. No way.

4. The film belongs to Arjun Rampal, Shreyas Talpade and Kiran Kher. Not in any order.

5. I quite liked the "ballad" style of the other song. Reminded me of something which I cannot remember.Which song- that too I cannot remember as I type this.

6. If you don't relate to the metaphor of finger painting I used, I will change it to, the film is a collage. Where one cuts out pictures from a magazine and pastes it all on a new page.

7. Later in the evening at a relative's place I hear myself saying- I just don't see Deepika and Sharukh as a pair. Why? a woman in the room thunders. Er.. she is..too thin..too tall....too calm..? I meekly offer. She now glowers. So? Sushmita is tall too in Main hoon na. I don't have any courage left to say, sush is sush- she will look gorgeous with anyone. Instead, I meekly mutter, quite bravely and defiantly too, I think Deepika looked better with her Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal in the movie- the baddie) or maybe in future with someone like Hrithik?

I think that I offer a olive branch, but the sharukh mad fans have upped and left the room-for bhaubeej.

I'm talking to an empty wall.

Movie maza aaya. But sar me mere hai darde everything. I'm glad it is over. Watching it on TV would have sufficed. Doesn't warrant a full screen experience.

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