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26 October 2007

Sharad Purnima- 2

I am informed, and am suitably chastised about "we Bombayites" who are supremely insular to rest of the country- that Sharad purnima is celebrated all over the country. It is laxmi pooja in West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra. But in the north, In UP and in Mathura and Vrindavan, especially, it is celebrated for being THE raas leela night, when Govinda dances with all the 16, 000 gopis and bhog is made and in Rajasthan, all the people dress in white, eat all white coloured food (to honour the silver of the moon) and take a picnic . So I guess that national holiday ki zarrorat nahin. I can die happi knowing the nation is celebrating anyways.

I do feel now it is the bestest day, as if that was possible anyway!

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