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5 October 2007

The India that can be

Rediff had last year posed the question of:
What made you angry this year? Tell us!

and i had posted on it. It so happens that when any one googles me the results show up with the first few lines of someone else's post and I thought I'd post my response here too, so my readers don't have to sift and also because in any case, very little seems to have changed.

The same things that made me angry last year. And sad too.

1. Complete disregard for the environment,flora and fauna.

-this from a country that celebrated vanamahotsav and whose favorite God exhorted worship of Govardhan.

2.Rampant Corruption.

-in a country that has Satyameva Jayate as the National Motto.

3. Decling value systems- whether in concern for the aged, orphans, animals, destitute; respect for women or community and civic sense.

-Shravan is a forgotten relic of past, woman as mother and devi is only on 9 days of navratri and community life is only on "Ek Chabi hain pados mein" on TV.

4. Farmer suicides and forgotten jawans.

- whatever happenned to Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan?

5. The amount of waste that goes on.

- Of time, of resources, of words. Whether project over-runs or ostentious celebrations or just on a daily basis. Can we afford it? Who pays the price for it?

I could give few more examples but I think that most of all, losing our links with our roots and spiritual heritage.

In the area of sprituality, organising events (more and more ostentious every year) & attending talks (preferably in VIP enclosures, and arriving in chaffeur driven (let him worry about parking) expensive cars, of some spiritual leaders seems to be the substitute for actually living a life on spiritual tenets....collecting donations for your cause seems to have overtaken all tenets of charity begins at home and of work ethic- shramdaan.

The hypocrisy and double standards makes me angry.

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