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24 October 2007

I'm the best, I'm the best

There was this song some years ago in some hindi movie. I neither knew or saw the movie nor do I know anything about the song except this refrain that repeats itself I think some 934 times (not) and that it ends with "we're the best". I always imagine it was to do with some boys/girls college fest.

So why this today?Because (big grin), today is Sharad Poornima, the day in the year when the moon shines brightest and by the Indian calender(panchang/tithi), which some Indians still follow at home, that makes it "mera wala moon"- or my 'star' birthday as south Indian's term it. Kyonki aaj mera happy birthday hain.

If you live in this city and checked, you'd have realised that the bright light streaming into your room last night was not the tube light of the street lamps, but the laughing moon. Of all the poornimas, I had to pick the best one, to pop out of an adoring momma to an even more adoring dad. Also called Kojagiri, in Maharashtra it is celebrated as Laxmi Pooja. As first born and baby girl, I was thoroughly and totally doted upon - a fact my sibling when we meet, never fails to use with/against me with big tears threatening to fall out of her beautiful eyes, pouting lips

Of course, with my calender birthday having just got over some days ago and which falls in Navratri or Diwali or some holiday every year, as usual it is just one round of partying all month. As one of my close friends says, the only other person who celebrates a whole month of birthday is Queen of England. I grin some more and go shop for more gifts. I begin the countdown early and extend it all the way, I am gonna do it as long as I live. And I secretly nurse a hope that after I die it will be some national holiday - like Oct2 Gandhijis birthday you know- lovely, lovely, lovely. When it comes to birthdays, I haven't crossed age 11.

So what did I do on my birthday? Nothing much different than most other days. Celebrate life. It was a weekend, so chutti from work (which I anyway enjoy too); On Mahanavami, a visit to a temple- at the Ramkrishna Math at khar, did a matha tek to the strength, goodness & beauty that is the beautiful Devi Ma Durga. Some chocolat, some cake, lotsa food.. goody, goody. Presents are all already tucked away. More smug smiles.

Dussera also signifies destruction of all negative tendencies. So it was significant that my ego was totally annihilated. One important lesson is never to be proud even of a "virtue" - not that I was aware I had any till then. Me of the "never waste food, take only what you need, plate should be clean" fame, I actually just could not eat one morsel more. For the first time in my life, at least as I remember, I left food on my plate. Seriously, I just could not eat any more- it was weird. I felt if I put the morsel in my mouth it will come out of my ears. Weird I tell you - nothing like this ever happened to me. So mentally, I acknowledged the defeat, and said, Ok you win God, you are the greatest, you rule, no one else but you, Like the BEST bus of Bombay, you are the king and such refrain.

It now makes sense how the Upanishads evolved. Hymns of glory to the powers almighty. Hmmmnn. Good thing it happened all those thousands of years ago, or seriously, imagine it being done today. BEST Bus?

What else, birthdays also mean one day closer to death. So who will cry when you die? Hopefully no one- all should be happy with that national holiday thingy.

What would I like on my obit? She died as she lived. Peacefully.

(Please don't quibble if it physically isn't so, it does not matter where,how,when)

Then? Well if there is place on the tomb stone, or the column space/number of words is paid for, or if nothing else, then in google space I leave this verse by Emerson that I love so much;

"Teach me your mood, O patient stars!
Who climb each night the ancient sky.
Leaving on space no shade, no scars,
No trace of age, no fear to die."

For all who remembered, thank you for your love, blessings, good wishes, gifts. For those who didn't, I know you love me. Kindly send me cake and chocolate too. Never late for that.

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