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5 October 2007

Healthy mind in a healthy body

Every day one reads of some health survey, findings,results and they have become so many that more often than not, what one study proved another one disproves. But ever so often, an occasional study catches my eye. I have come to realise that if it makes an impact on me,it is one that I hold true in any case- or close to a value that I believe in , for instance this latest one on Parkinsons disease, titled "make your bed, save your brain". on how concentious people seem to display lesser signs of the disease.

In my other life,I am also a yoga student and teacher, which means all topics to do with health and mind-body connections in good health interest me. I admire and have deep respect for medicine and all its contributions, penicillin, aspirin, antiseptic and surgery is something no one can ever hope to substitute.

Sometimes, people mistake yoga for therapy or therapeutic value when it is only preventive and a "life-management" tool or process. If I go on, I realise I am breaking my self-set rule about not to blog here on yoga topics- so I will stop and urge you to read this article.

In the interview,I found the line, .....It seems to affect your ability to tolerate the pathology and maintain normal cognitive function....... ....." particularly significant as it seemed to echo what I normally tell anyone who cares to ask my view on the topic of mind-body connection in health.

For those who suffer the pain of having loved ones assailed by parkinsons as well as a fear of "will it be me too?" this study may well provide some light on the subject.

All the while as I was reading this, I could only think of Dr. Jayadevs words in my mind. Duty. The lessons of Karma Yoga.

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