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29 October 2007

Million Dollar Baby

The story of J K Rowlings life:

I had read an article on the authors life in the Readers Digest some years ago and of the many impressions that were left with me, the overriding one was of her "Rising against the odds".

In the official version on her site , her story reads slightly different, maybe as the time line is longer (childhood to now ) and more facts based, but the memories of the earlier article were still in my consciousness.

What is common to biographies and all our lives is that the facts will rarely differ. Date, time and place of birth, schooling, marriage or relationships, children, professional graphs etc. And yet, it is the memories that colour the outline of the picture - it is only the emotions that fill it in and give it meaning. And when we deny (play around with) emotions or expressing it, don't we modify truth itself?

The story of my life:

While I enjoyed the RD article more, some lines from here were so similar to my life. Except of course, the happy endings bit- unless an idea just "falls into my head" and I act on it, I have no hope in hell of achieving anything- let alone best selling author who is richer than the Queen of England. I read today, .. that happy people never have happy endings because they never fight. That, I think, is the story of my life!

The story of J K Rowlings life-The story of my life-II

A story about sisters

......We both resented our labels. I really wanted to be less freckly-beach-ball-like, and Di, who is now a lawyer, felt justifiably annoyed that nobody had noticed she was not just a pretty face. This undoubtedly contributed to the fact that we spent about three quarters of our childhood fighting like a pair of wildcats imprisoned together in a very small cage.....

About losing your mother

...I think most people believe, deep down, that their mothers are indestructible; it was a terrible shock to hear that she had an incurable illness, but even then, I did not fully realise what the diagnosis might mean....

About living up to expectations;

.....I had succumbed to parental pressure to study 'useful' modern languages as opposed to 'but-where-will-it-lead?' English and really should have stood my ground....

About rising every time you fall, keeping the fight going

...Whenever Jessica fell asleep in her pushchair I would dash to the nearest cafe and write like mad. I wrote nearly every evening. Then I had to type the whole thing out myself.

Sometimes I actually hated the book, even while I loved it.

Finally it was done. I covered the first three chapters in a nice plastic folder and set them off to an agent, who returned them so fast they must have been sent back the same day they arrived. But the second agent I tried wrote back and asked to see the rest of the manuscript.It was far and away the best letter I had ever received in my life, and it was only two sentences long.

It took a year for my new agent, Christopher, to find a publisher. Lots of them turned it down. Then, finally, in August 1996, Christopher telephoned me and told me that Bloomsbury had 'made an offer.' I could not quite believe my ears. 'You mean it's going to be published?' I asked, rather stupidly. 'It's definitely going to be published?' After I had hung up, I screamed and jumped into the air; Jessica, who was sitting in her high-chair enjoying tea, looked thoroughly scared.

And you probably know what happened next.

And about endings

Luck? Fight? or... just....Life!

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