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14 September 2007

OMG moments

It was ha ha ho ho hee hee all the way for RGV ki Aag- the remake of the greatest hit of Hindi Cinema, Sholay. I didn't watch it but recovered from laughing at the gags such as Ram Gopal verma ki aag se bhaag, bhaag, and aout how the theater owners will ask of each other, kitne aadmi the? (in the audience) and write -ups in the press about how big b should retire.

On it's heel, the music track promotions of Om Shanti Om have left me aghast. Leave aside my puzzlement about the title (I mean 2 and 2 do not make 22)Just cos Sharukh is named Om and his lady love is shanti and two Om's.. seems like kindergarten logic. I did a double take at some sartorial horror of a checked red and black jacket that sharukh wears in one of the song sequence -(that is retro?), even as he gives the most strange looks to his lead lady in what is meant to be romantic gaze. The other is Darde Disco? Disco is painful? Pain is disco? The confusion continues. There is sharukh flexing muscles a la John Abraham, then emerging from some pool of water like Daniel Craig in James bond. In yet another shot he shields himself from some missing person who throws water on him and then again he is in a constrution helmet?? As if all this wasn't bad enough, he has some bronze tan all over -in one vignette I asked, is that Shekhar Suman or Sharukh Khan. Gosh.

I am left shaking my head at what little I saw. The movie is yet to be released and it may not be so bad, even a huge hit what with King Khan. but isn't it time the "king" wakes up to Janata Janardan pulse. Coming on the heels of the much appreciated Chak De India, about which in his own words, he says, Doing the movie brought peace to my heart. So listen to your heart. Not your manager or whoever.

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