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4 September 2007

Jana Gana Mana

On independence day, I got the Jana Gana Mana CD which was nice, but was disappointed. It could be because I had more expectations of Bharatbala productions, but this one felt tired and left a taste like leftover food heated many times over. I am aware that the artistic expression of the national anthem is not constricted by the formal arrangement, but I was even more disappointed that there was not even at least one track in an album titled Jana Gana Mana that confirms to the formal arrangement of 52 minutes. I am happy I didn't spend my money and purchase it.

To make up, it made me happier to note that a DJ brought more to the table- as I read what Luke Kenny wrote on the importance of being earnest about the national anthem (HT Cafe, Aug 15, Pg 10). I think he says it best when he says, next time you need to stand up and respect your anthem do so with a full heart and a free mind.

As for another award winning journalist who had advocated in a leading media, a more light hearted and informal approach to the flag and the anthem, while the topic of respect to the national flag was at it's most heated, I wish they'd send them back to some school where they teach the basics.

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