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17 September 2007

Hyderabad flyover

The Hyderabad flyover collapse and deaths is what I was trying to highlight in my blogpost of July, Alert Today, Alive Tommorrow. Since then, I was curious if it would have any effect on undergoing projects in Mumbai and both the people who use them and make them, but I don't see any much change, in making them safer for the public. For instance there is one under construction on JVLR, just between Powai and Seepz that has a huge crater, vacant space, hole with metal rods jutting out in all directions. It seems like a great contender for scuplture in an modern art gallery. It does not seem to be of any immediate danger to anyone but in rains or poor driving or visibility it is risky and there are no signs or barricading to caution drivers. This was true also of the one on the western expressway where cars driving below were exposed to ongoing work. But life is cheap in India and expressing shock even cheaper.

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