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10 September 2007

All about ads

The Parachute "Gorgeous Hamesha" ad of a mundane item like coconut oil, used as a beauty therapy product for hair and skin in India down the ages, has been generating a lot of interest here in India.

With it's focus on everyday women and situations, it is a refreshing change on others that had artificially gleaming CAD aided images of lush manes on very exotic models; sometimes a feather gently glides over it at other times, Aishwarya flutters her eyelashes and whispers huskily, cos I'm worth it(?)

While blog views vary about the advertisement, product etc, the verdict on the catchy, evocative jingle is unanimous - a winner- in fact, it is more a song than a jingle.

Speaking of ads, I am at a loss to express how all of us in the room watching it on TV were simply spell bound by the one on Power of the Wind that swept the golden lion at Cannes. For a few moments we were just stunned by it's brilliance. Saying it is superb is redundant when it is validated by Canne-pur ka Sunhera Sher.

And when one of the reader comments on the page says.. "I want the hat".. I know exactly what he means...

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