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19 July 2007

Here a leader, there a leader

On the topic of leadership, my favorite line is, I believe in leadership at all levels. Sometimes I am intrigued like last week, when a street urchin at traffic signal urged me to buy "Blue Ocean Strategy". When I shake my head in refusal, he urges further, buy it...huh...Marketing pe hain. I smile and the huge feeling of being impressed wrestles with asadness too at so much "human capital" at hand.

He is obviously smart, hardworking and willing. Will this boy be the next "young turk" on CNBC or even a business tycoon with a listing on London Stock Exchange in a decade? I wonder as the signal changes to green. Leadership continues to a favorite subject of discussion in the corporate world, in business schools and in newspapers and management magazines and my contribution on the topic is here too.

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