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16 July 2007

Tradional arts & crafts

The few people in India who have have heard of Puri is largely or only because of the famous temple of Lord Jagannath. The festival which has just begun.

But it is a village called Raghuarajpur, near Puri that is in the news for it's revival of traditional crafts through the Gurukul tradition.

Such initiatives are the only hope of traditional crafts. For instance, in Maharashtra, the traditional craft of hand made leather footwear in Kolhapur is on the verge of dying, which is really a pity ecause the rich and varied traditional arts and crafts sector poses immense scope for innovation and growth.

Many countries have demonstrated dedicated will and efforts in this direction. For instance, this talks about how, in the U.K, a crafts revival since the 1980s could mean it is contributing more than agriculture and mining within 15 years.

As an example, the BBC said that the heritage building sector made £2bn per year.

Meanwhile, the traditional handicrafts sector in India seems to suffer from many ills, and the more things seem to change the more they seem to remain the same.

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