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28 June 2007


I normally steer clear of debates on purely technical or technology topics, unless required to do so, primarily for two reasons. One there are smarter people who are more qualifed persons to do so.

The other is that technology is only an enabler and can never replace a thought or a strategy or plan which is what many people expect it to do. While many of us spout this at conferences, really internalising this is where the learning process starts. This simple lesson I learnt from my very first project manager Mahesh, who asked me,quite bluntly if I may say so, but I have never forgotten it, Ma'm from a technology view point, I can do anything- all things are possible- what is it YOU want? Coming as it did from a very sound and technically competent person,who delivered every time at every challenge I threw at them, it really got me thinking and I haven't stopped since,I hope.

Defining the end goal and working backwards always seem to work for me- give or take many assumptions along the way. Of many topics, search is one that evokes the most passionate responses, so I thought this feature and link may be useful to share. The intelligent enterprise newsletter is one I read as time permits. In any case there is more here on a wide range of issues that may also be interesting and/or useful .

Then again, guys, if you don't get what you need in 10, at most 20 minutes, search is not what you need, it is research. Don't expect one to replace the other either way.

But always, remember the KISS principle -Keep it simple sonny ( some people use "stupid" but I don't like that word).

After all, it is said, Dhoondne se to Bhagwan bhi milte hain.

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