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4 June 2007

It's Rim Jhiming

What a lovely start to the month. Rains in Mumbai. The first rain in mumbai is so typically Bambaiya. It never just rains or pours. First there is a really really red hue to the evening sky; then there are winds that woosh and whine, totally unlike an urban city and more like as if it is some wild savannah wind; then there is loud rumbling thunder and total lightning. The special effects are on full throttle like in a bollywood lights, action, camera, shoot, cut style. Then there is a small token shower. First rain in Mumbai- and I have seen many seasons!- never just enters. It rushes in with it's arms wide; hair flying in the wind with a whoop and a shout of glee. Having dutifully "signed the muster" it them waits and makes us all play a guessing game till a more official date of June 7th or 10th or anyones guess which is when the "troublesome" rains begin (you know...the roads clogged and before automatic washing machines came on the scene, "where do I dry all the clothes" kinda troubles) and schools do too.

But the first rain is sheer magic and lots of fun. As kids we'd all run out and get wet. I wonder if any of them do that now, doesn't seem like it. Everyone including the tots, adults and old folk just seem more sophisticated. But the old wives tale was that getting wet in the first shower of the season meant you were immune to colds and coughs. So all the neighbourhood kids and adults would not miss it, even if it meant just standing in a balcony or terrace. After all, who wants to fall prey to all monsoon illnesses? Get wet in the first shower of the season, I did. And if you didn't, there is always the local GP and next year.

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