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26 June 2007

School is over!

Poets who wrote on the joys of childhood obviously did not have any knowledge or experience of the SSC exams children face in Mumbai.

It is finally over with the results out yesterday. The excitement of new beginnings -finishing school,saying goodbye to classmates, friends,teachers and hello to new ones.

It was a special day in more ways than one. If my mother was alive it would have been her birthday and her precious grandson, my nephew completing school and his results would have made the perfect gift. I remember how on completion of my SSC exams, she gave me the watch her dad gave her on completing school.

It was a very special momento to her, an original bentex with a 18 carat gold strap. To my horror, I lost it in the first month of college. I was so traumatised that I never bought a watch and managed without one for many years after that till the feeling faded. Even now I can tell the time almost to the exact minute without consulting a watch. That is due to the practice I gained during those days!

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