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19 May 2007


The new commercial for Adidas that has Sachin Tendulkar drawing on a glass wall, a stick figure of himself with a bat and then his voice over says how when he began his training, his coach would keep a one rupee coin on the stump and every time the stumps fell, the coin would be his. So just hitting the ball was the goal.

The voice over continues, how those 12 coins of his childhood are very precious. More than any medals.The commercial closed with him writing on the glass wall, "Impossible is nothing " and it made me smile.

I've always admired Sachin as a personality. His game and career. The tag of Small Bradman, his simple and humble start, His personal life. I watched both, many years ago, his game that he continued to play and win after he heard the news his father died and saw the game at Trinidad on TV. I confess I have little interest in the game. I was watching the silhouette of clouds and hills in the background of Queens Park Savannah and if I could pick any familiar faces in the crowd. Anyway, I did for a minute puzzle over two things. One, the posters which said, "Greg, it is okay to smile" and two, the grim faces of the team as they walked into the field. Of course in a matter of minutes, it was over and not a mystery any more.

I don't see myself buying sneakers due to Sachin endorsing the belief of impossible is nothing, But in my mind, the word flashed- Obliquity!. My memory connected to an article I read a couple of years ago. I think it was from The Financial Times or Economist. I cannot remember now as a senior colleague sent it to me. It was titled "Obliquity". As I read it, I remember thinking the same I when I read "rich Dad, Poor Dad" . Much of this is what an average Indian adult knows and does (or has internalised) as part of traditional knowledge.

If you can track it down, read "obliquity". Connect the dots.

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